Creating Clarity through Meditation

                           20 days

                  20 minutes per day 

                         20 dollars

      With Makhosi Keyla Sereen Ohs

Join me for a 20 day meditation challenge where we spend 20 minutes together for 20 days with the intention to clear out the clutter and chaos of this year to embody peace, groundedness and grace.

More than ever, I feel it is necessary to provide an opportunity for people to reconnect- to themselves, 

their spirit and their lives.  With all of the challenges this year has brought us, having an opportunity to come together to make sense of it all, and acknowledge how it has impacted us is critical in healthy understanding and personal and spiritual growth.  In the haze of everyday survival, we can forget to look for the lessons that are hidden within the chaos.  

This challenge is for you if:


-You are craving a reset for your spiritual practise, or wish to have support to create one

-You have been missing community and wish to experience connection and support

-You are experiencing overwhelm and wish to tend any personal challenges that have been arising for you

Each day for 20 days we will meet and begin our 20 minutes  together with a short 5 minute talk on a topic that will inspire us to process, understand, and delve deeper into our own psyche.  This will be followed by 15 minutes of either guided or silent meditation.  Each day will be Spirit led- I will be connecting with my own spiritual council to receive information to be passed along to our group.  I will also be opening up to receiving specific messages for both the group and the individuals within it.

I am truly excited to be offering this to my community after a long hiatus.  May this challenge EMPOWER you to see 2020 with clear vision and rise above its challenges into a space of wisdom and understanding.  You are not alone, I am here to support you.

                                                                          20 DAYS

                                  20 MINUTES PER DAY 

                                20 DOLLAR INVESTMENT

     We begin Monday, October 12th (Thanksgiving) and end on                       October 31st (Halloween AND a full moon!!!!)

                        We connect at 8 PM PST each day!!!


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