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A 3 week Intensive coaching program to help you integrate your recent personal growth from the stillness of the pandemic into concrete, empowered change.

This coaching program is for you if:

-You have felt positive shift from Covid but are not sure how to sustain it

- You do not wish to return to the old ways of being

- You believe that opportunities for a reset are rare and powerful, and want to take full advantage of the moment

- You would appreciate tools and techniques to solidify your current growth and amplify it as you redefine normal

- You want to take this time to solidify a new connection to yourself, the sacred, and the Earth.

WEEK 1- Reflection, Surrender and Acceptance


WEEK 2- Strengthening our will, determining which acquired attributes to keep and how to sustain them


WEEK 3- Initiating the vision through awareness, connection to Earth  and ceremony. Practical ways to move forward with clarity and purpose.




-   Journalling / homework and exploration of what IS versus what we may have created as constructs in our minds

-   Re- prioritising and saying NO- boundary setting

-   Identifying and working with active shadows

  • Deepening our intuitive connection

  • Respect for self and honouring our true needs

  • Connection to Earth

  • Thriving in the Unknown





6x 90 min group Zoom coaching sessions (2 per week)  Includes Homework and journalling prompts.

1x 60 min distance Healing session (to be used during the 3 week time frame)

1x 30 min one on one call via Zoom (to be used within the 3 week time frame)

Facebook Support Group

Access to me for email support for the duration of the program, and for 2 weeks after the program ends.



Investment:  $499     Immediate Action Bonus- $444  (To qualify for the bonus you must decide and pay within 24 hours)  Intuitively you already know if this is right for you, this is just a reward for making the commitment to your inner voice!


Sessions run Tuesdays and Saturdays 9-1030 am.  Maximum 8 people.


Program commences on May 12 and runs until June 2nd.


Sign up can be found under 'Coaching Programs' with the link above

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