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Who and what is Wobbly Unicorn?

July 19, 2018

Well, this post has been a long time coming.  I am Wobbly Unicorn, it's really nice to meet you :)  I decided months ago to start a blog where I compiled all of the crazy spiritual experiences I was having, in hopes that it would encourage others to do the same.  I wanted a safe space to connect with others having similar seemingly unexplainable experiences that helped them along spiritually. Some of things that have happened to me are so odd, so far out there, but so undeniably important in my spiritual progress, I couldn't help but feel the overwhelming urge to write them down and share them. I know others are having these types of experiences.  I also know that when they happen some of us may not be paying attention, or worse, feeling like they have no one else to share them with.  I hope to offer this platform to encourage all of you on your personal journeys, to step into the power that is yours, own your stories, rock your experiences, and in the process awaken to the possibility of living your life from a different perspective.  In order to do that myself, I had to own who I was, and who I have become due to these experiences.  I had to stop caring what people thought, and allow myself to be the real me.  I'm certainly not there yet, but I thought it would be amazing if maybe we could walk the path together.  So, wherever you are on your spiritual journey, I welcome you.  Every day is a work in progress, and as I reflect and document the experiences I have had/ am having, I hope it provides you with some comfort knowing you are not alone.  Our Universe is an amazing place, and the lessons she is trying to teach us are there if we just allow ourselves to see them.

I have developed a kind of key for these blog entries, which I will define below.  In the title of every blog post I will have an accompanying key denoting the type of experience the post contains.  This way, if you just want to read the crazy shit you can, and if you want to follow the progress you will at least know the types of experiences i'm writing about from the key label in the title.  So, I have 3 basic levels of experiences:

1) Quartz Horn- These are the absolutely 'out there', Icannotactuallybelievethatreallyhappened type of experiences. They absolutely cannot be linked to a coincidence, they are experiences that have no other explanation than some sort of divine interjection from Source, or whatever you want to call it.  These are the craziest of all my posts, so likely there will not be as many.  Right now I think I have 3 that fall into this category.

2) Gold Horn- These are the experiences that are still powerful, but aren't necessarily out there. They will likely involve synchronicities, coincidences, and any sort of intuitive experiences I have.  I have lots of these.  :)

3) Earth Horn- these are more of the day to day experiences that guide my decisions.  These may possibly be explainable by sheer coincidence, science, or some sort of information or fact that I don't know about.  I will write about them from the knowledge base that I currently have.  If someone can offer a scientific explanation, I am open to that!  As spiritual as I am, I firmly believe in scientific explanations where they are valid. It is the balanced polarities of science and spirituality that I hope to find solace in in my day to day life.

So on that note, let us begin!  This entry doesn't contain a story of an experienceI have had, but stay tuned as I start to put them down and share them with you.


Love and Light!

Wobbly Unicorn


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