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Spiritual Experience #1- QUARTZ HORN!!

August 15, 2018

Blog Post #1- QUARTZ HORN!!!!!


Hi All, Wobbly Unicorn here for my first spiritual experience post on a list of many upcoming in the near future. And yes...it's a QUARTZ HORN... 🦄🤪🤪🤪🙊🦄 Meaning , it's really out there. It's one of my faves, and a relatively recent one, so I thought I would start there. It also involves my husband, an extremely rational, level headed logical type with a tendency to sleep talk ...which in my opinion makes it even crazier. So- here we go!

If you know me personally you know that a couple of years ago I quit my job after enduring major, crippling stress and anxiety, a car accident and finding myself in an all around soul sucking funk. My husband, being the angel that he is found us a beautiful house in Kelowna and we moved here so I could re- create myself. It took about a year to settle in and then some strange things started happening. I started having the most bizarre spiritual experiences that were leading me down a very specific path. To commemorate this new path, and the new life I was committing myself to, I decided to get a new tattoo. I did the same thing when I quit my last career before we moved to Kelowna and it was one of the most grounding, healing and rewarding experiences I have had. So, I started to design the tattoo. I was researching and designing the tattoo amidst spiritual experiences coming at me left, right and centre. Then, all of a sudden, shortly after booking the initial consultation, the experiences stopped. Cold turkey. Being the person I am that searches for meaning and congruency in said experiences, I was worried I was making a wrong choice. I was starting to doubt the tattoo. More importantly, I was starting to doubt myself, and the soul path I had chosen. So, in my usual way, I started asking for signs. The Universe shows us what we need if we open up our eyes to see, and I had had so many signs in the last few months that I was sure I would be shown something to affirm my decision. However, 3 weeks had passed. No signs. No spiritual experiences. Nada. It was Sunday night, April 8th of this year, and I was on Skype with my friend Erin telling her (and complaining miserably), about how I hadn't gotten a sign. I really felt I needed a sign to move forward with this new life, the tattoo, all of it. I felt desperate. She reassured me it would come. I had less than 48 hours before I was permanently marring my arm as symbol of commitment to my new truth. Well, I shouldn't have doubted her. My sign was about to arrive.

Before I go further I should probably introduce how my partner fits in to this. For almost all of the time I have known him, he has been a sleep talker. It was happening so often that we actually got an app to record him....one night the only recording was of him repeating "lid" for nearly 90 seconds. No joke. It was creepy and hilarious and he didn't remembered any of it the next morning.

So, I went to sleep Sunday night with the final thought in my head being- "Please, if there is anyone out there listening, please, PLEASE give me a sign that I am on the right track." Well, I woke up, at exactly 3 am, by my partner oh so gently squeezing my shoulders to wake me.. He proceeded to lean over and very softly say into my ear, "This is your advertisement from the other side." 😳 I instantly responded "Umm, what did you say?" Before I could even get the sentence out he replied even louder and more confidently, "This is your advertisement from the other side."

Now, I had just been woken up so I was a bit groggy. He had already rolled over and released my shoulders and seemed to be going back to sleep. I answered him, "I don't have a clue what that means", and while facing the other direction, he answered, "You will."

So now it's 3:03 am and I am freaking out. Like, FREAKING OUT. I think I would normally have just gone back to sleep but the wording was just too....weird. "This is your 'advertisement' from the other side?" I kept picturing a large billboard on the side of the road. Basically, a HUGE SIGN. I had just been given the sign I had been asking for for weeks, and it came through the most non-woo woo, logical and scientific person I know. And now, my thoughts are racing, I can't quite believe what has happened (was I dreaming?? NO!!!) and I knew from a past spiritual experience I had years ago that I wouldn't be able to sleep without writing it down, so I did. I then proceeded to call Erin (she is 3 hours ahead) and explain to her what had happened. I don't think she was surprised :)*edit- he had no memory of this event the following morning.*

Needless to say, I have a beautiful tattoo that commemorates my new path and the trust I have in myself to follow my true calling. And, as I have mentioned in the first entry post, I am hoping that these posts encourage you all to be more aware of the magic in your life. These types of things started happening when I expected them to, and welcomed them in. When I felt there was guidance in them somewhere and I followed it, life exploded beautifully around me.

So, what do you think? Share your comments below! (From a place of kindness, please!) Do you have an experience you want to share? Any signs that have had meaning for you, even in a small way? I would love to hear it!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Please share and help me get Wobbly Unicorn out to those that may enjoy it!


Love and Light,


Wobbly Unicorn

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