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West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Blog Post #3- Yellow Flower- Earth Horn

September 14, 2018

Blog post #3 -Earth Horn


So, I have recently opened my baby (Sereen Spirit Healing and Retreat Centre) see www.sereenspirit.com and I also run my healing practise out of this space. Some of the experiences I have had during client treatments are beautiful, some crazy, all of them humbling. There are some clients that are willing to let me share some of their stories or happenings during treatments, so I thought I would start with one of the more basic ones and work up from there 😉


Before the Retreat Centre opened and this Unicorn was soul searching and wobbling along all over the place, I ran a B and B out of my home. Over the last 8 months I noticed more and more guests were asking for treatments...the Universe was speaking very clearly to me. Also at this time, I was having major synchronicities that make my ladybug blog entry "My Dad" look pretty darn vanilla.


One lady in particular had asked for a treatment. She had not had any energy treatments done before, and was new to Reiki. I proceeded gently, and this lady, we will call her "S", was beautifully open and receptive. I find this is key and a direct relation to how crazy some of the treatments end up being.


Numerous things came up in her treatment, but she did end up having a beautiful emotional release, and started crying. She was overworked, stressed, not taking care of herself, being strong for everyone else and not following her heart. She and her husband had come to Kelowna to casually look at houses. They were considering a slower lifestyle and needed to get away from the stress.


It was during this release, (truly a gift as keeping all of this pain inside her would end up making her ill) that I kept seeing a specific yellow flower showing up in my mind's eye. I couldn't name it, as it didn't seem familiar. It wasn't a sunflower, it was way too small, it looked sort of like a Black Eyed Susan except the middle wasn't black and there were less petals. In the post treatment summary I give all my clients where we discuss what came up and how it may be relevant, I asked S if the flower had any meaning for her. It had none. I asked some other questions and continued reviewing her treatment, then went back and asked again in case a memory might have been triggered. Nada. She had no experience with any yellow flower, or any flowers at all that seemed meaningful. I wondered briefly if I was perhaps off that day. (I have since learned to never, EVER doubt what comes in to the treatments and pass on the information lovingly).


S went on that afternoon to view a few more houses. It seemed they weren't having much luck. Their realtor decided to show them a property in which to possibly build on, something they hadn't even considered. It was a lovely property , with an amazing view. To grasp the full view they had to enter the property and 'hike' up a small hill. It was nearing the top of the lookout when S stopped in her tracks. There, in front of her, just shy of the stunning view she was about to witness, were hundreds and hundreds of yellow flowers. They were growing wild. All of a sudden, she recalled the yellow flower I saw in her treatment. She knew this was going to be her home.


I returned later that night and didn't see S until the next morning. She explained to me the story I have shared above, and thinking I might not believe her, even brought me some of the flowers. Unfortunately they had wilted over night, but I could tell they were exactly the flowers I had seen in her treatment. They were growing wild over the entire property. I was AMAZED.


2 months later S emailed me and told me she and her husband had purchased the property and were moving to Kelowna. She thanked me for the treatment and felt that the yellow flowers were a sign from the Universe. I can't argue with her, the signs are everywhere if we just look and listen.


She and her husband live here in Kelowna now, and the move has been a really good one for them. I can't wait to reconnect with her. :)


Have you had any signs that were exceptionally meaningful? Want to share? I'd love to hear them!


Love and Light,


Keyla Sereen (aka Wobbly Unicorn)

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