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West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

The Raven- Gold Horn

September 14, 2018

Blog Post #4- The Raven- Gold Horn


Hi Everyone,


I feel on a bit of a roll the past few days so I wanted to get one more experience down before the weekend. I appreciate all of your support, I would be so grateful if you would share this blog if you feel so inclined. :)


So, this is a pretty normal experience for me, I have these types all the time. I can't always decipher what they mean, but they keep my humbled and forever open to receive more of these experiences. At the very least, after these types of things happen I always feel I bear witness to the magic of the unseen.


Months ago I had purchased a Raven smudging fan, created by Sakura Spiritual Arts in Penticton. They produce incredible items, all ethically sourced and local (you should check them out!) There are few things that have deep meaning for me spiritually, that I connect to that allow my space to feel more sacred when meditating, etc. This fan was one of those items. I had some powerful meditations after using it, and it was one of the items I was using when the most recent explosion of spiritual experiences started happening.


The back story of this is long but I will try to get it down as quickly as possible.


1) Until this experience happened, I despised Ravens. When I lived in Vancouver in an apartment downtown, one had a nest in our communal courtyard and squacked incessantly for months, dive bombing your head every time you neared her nest. You had to walk through the courtyard with an umbrella. She was unforgiving. This reminds me, this is linked to a really.....powerful? Crazy? Quartz horn experience I will blog about in the near future and title Raven Telekenisis.


2) Last year we were driving in West Kelowna and came across a Raven that had been hit by a car. I approached it as it was struggling to drag itself to safety, and met it in the middle of the road. I stroked it's back as it died, and it maintained eye contact with me until the last breath. It was a horrible moment but I am glad it wasn't alone. That night I asked for a sign the bird had even recognized that I was there....and if so, to allow me to have a flying dream (I will blog about some of the crazy flying dreams I have and my thoughts about our state of consciousness and what happens in our dreams). That night, I did have a flying dream, with a Raven. May it have been the same bird or a figment of my dream? I'll never know. Still super cool.


So, on with the actual experience. I was being guided through a Shamanic style meditation by the lovely Manda Lauer (my Reiki Master, good friend and incredible human). I was being asked to visualize walking down a path down towards an open meadow where I would come across my animal guides, or spirit animals. As I approached the meadow a Raven flew in from behind me and landed just in front of me at my feet. I was surprised, I actually had expected and Eagle, an animal I had identified with for years. As I watched this Raven, he/ she ruffled her feathers and stared intently at me. After a few more rufflings, I noticed another animal, a doe, out of the corner of my eye. I refocussed on the Raven and watched as it literally exploded into the air in a pile of feathers. This wasn't gory, no blood, not graphic, but a full on disintegration and explosion. Then, all of the parts and feathers reassembled into a completely healthy, normal version of the bird again. I was really confused. This was the most beautiful meditation and my imagination was taking it somewhere dark! I wasn't sure what it meant, but I certainly took note.


I finished the meditation and hesitantly shared my experience with Manda. Neither one of us could make any sense of it. So, I proceeded to head home.


When I got home my husband approached me quickly and I immediately became nervous. Something was wrong. He greeted me with, "I know you're going to be upset..." I replied, "What happened?!?!?"


He proceeded to bring me a baggy full of pieces, yes pieces, of the Raven smudging fan I so adored. Turns out, my dog Rider had gotten into my meditation room and destroyed it. The weird part, is that based on feedback from my husband, it had happened at EXACTLY the same time I was in the middle of the meditation and visualized the Raven exploding into feathers. 😳




Is there a collective consciousness? Yes. Can we all access it? Yes. Does meditation help? YES. Meditation was the main catalyst to having these experiences begin for me in the first place. My deep commitment to it allowed me to connect to life on a deeper level and quiet my mind enough to connect into a 'wavelength', like a radio signal, for some of these events to happen. Anyone can do it, I'll be holding a workshop on how if anyone is interested. :)


So, I find now I identify very closely with Ravens. I have a raven talisman that wear for sacred circumstances, or when I need extra guidance.


Does anyone else identify with animals in a special way? I'd love to hear how!


Love and Light,


Wobbly Unicorn



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