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Welcome to Keyla Ohs Wellness! Finding your way here has not been by chance.

May this place be a resource for you on your healing path, a tether to Truth, and a re-connection to your beautiful Light.  May your Ancestors continue to walk alongside you as you walk your path, and may the community birthed here provide you the deepening connection to yourself that you have been seeking.

Whether you are looking for a Spiritual Community (One Path of Many), Shamanic Healing Sessions, Spiritual training (The Lighthouse Series), Holotropic Breathwork, Sacred Ceremony, Meditation or Mentorship, I hope you find exactly what you need at this time.

I am honoured to have crossed paths with you.  I see you.  You are safe here.

"May All Beings That Cross My Path Be Safe"

Interested in Becoming a new Client?  Book here:

Or contact me directly:


Text  (778) 760 1676

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