The Lighthouse Series

A 9 month Journey to Transform your Life

This 9 month program is designed to revolutionise the way you relate to yourself, your life, and your divine purpose as a human being.

Our work together will deepen your understanding of your energetic system (both the multifaceted layers of the auric field and the chakra system), clear blocks that may have been set up through earlier traumatic experiences, and redesign the way you relate to your spiritual self, your life, and the planet.

This program is the result of 20 years of a deeply committed meditation practise, 4 years of intense Shamanic training and ceremony, and almost 2 decades of deep personal work.  There is nothing out there like it- this program was birthed from the transformational work that occurred as I walked in the trenches of my own healing and devised practices, ceremonies, and solutions to my own trauma.  From these personal experiences, I feel ready to share with you the things I have learned along the way that have completely transformed my spiritual connection and way of living upon this planet as a Human Being.

Some Highlights of the program include:

-Deep dive into our energetic systems to understand the physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to each centre.  Our energetic systems are ancient ways of understanding the relationships between our physical bodies, our mental plane, and and our spiritual selves.  They act as an interface between our conscious and subconscious mind- we cannot embody wholeness if we do not understand the relationship between all aspects of self.

-Understanding the relationships between worthiness and abundance

- New ways of identifying our emotional awareness and emotional intelligence that calls us to step into a life of flow, and grace and ease

-Calling in our spiritual gifts and purpose

- Working directly with our Spiritual Council

- Shamanic principles that lead to a balanced life in relationship with our planet Earth

Then program is 9 months in length-ideal for gestation of an entirely new awareness.


 Month 1 is Intitiation, Months 2-8 are the energetic Centres, and Month 9 is our Commencement Celebration Ceremony . 

Each month I take you though not only the work listed above, but a transformational guided meditation through the Levels of Your Lighthouse .

The Program Consists of:

3 hours of intensive group work per month , one Saturday per month from 9 am- 12 pm

March 20th

April 17th

May 22nd

June 19th

July 24th

August 21st

September 18th

October 23rd

November 20th

75 minutes of one-on-one mentorship with me months 2-8 to intuitively channel your council and personalize our work together so you receive maximum benefit from the program.

Monthly worksheets, journal prompts, digital support and foundations for your spiritual practise to allow your transformation to integrate as you work through the program and experience deep shift

Suggested monthly readings to help you transform and deepen your understanding of self and this experience we call "being Human"

A pre recorded grounding meditation for you to use to integrate your growth and anchor in the learnings

Private Facebook Group to build connection , ask questions, and receive ongoing support.  

BONUS- An all day traditional Shamanic Ceremony, and discounted session rates for the duration of the program.

DO YOU HEAR THE CALL?  THERE IS ONE SPOT REMAINING!!!  If you feel you have been looking for support to shift your life, break old patterns , deepen your spiritual connection and desire a supportive, beautiful community to do this work in, then this program is for you!!!