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Keyla Sereen Ohs
Keyla Sereen Ohs

Keyla Ohs is a spiritual mentor teaching Energetic & Shamanic practices for modern living. Always highly intuitive, she spent her formative years involved in competitive sport, representing Canada on the World Figure Skating team for nearly a decade.  This phase of her life helped her develop a strong understanding of the human body and psychological attributes needed to develop resilience and determination, but lacked the development of some of our culture's lost values needed to live a balanced life, such as intuition, self knowledge and healthy emotional processing. 


After her competitive career finished and she completed an undergraduate degree in Political Science (B.Arts/ minor in psychology)), she spent the next decade searching for her soul purpose.  With trials and errors she found herself exploring jobs that were very far away from the path she was meant to lead. Eventually, Keyla returned to figure skating as a coach. This proved to be a beautiful, healing and fulfilling job- returning to a sport she had dedicated her life to. Unfortunately, her coaching career was ended by a car accident, forcing her to quit her job and face the truth.  She developed anxiety and debilitating physical pain, and turned to modalities such as meditation to manage her symptoms.  She knew something had to change.  It was time to start listening to her body and follow the path Spirit was showing her.  

A decade prior Keyla had studied Bio Energy Healing, Reiki, and led a weekly meditation group of 50+ people.  In the winter of 2017, still recovering from her accident, she decided to change her entire life .  Keyla and her husband and fur family uprooted and moved from Vancouver to a beautiful property in West Kelowna. Through her own search for healing, Keyla has acquired powerful tools to assist others on their own search for health, wholeness and purpose.

Keyla has experienced powerful synchronicities, dreams, and spiritual experiences throughout her entire life, some so powerful they simply could no longer be ignored.  Through a deep commitment to meditation and the Shamanic path, Keyla's healing work is continually evolving, expanding and strengthening.


Keyla is honoured and excited to assist you on your own healing path, as other mentors, clients and healers have done for her.  We can learn so much from one another.


We welcome you to Sereen Spirit Healing, may this be a resource to help you at whatever stage you may find yourself on your spiritual path.

Keyla Sereen Ohs

 ~Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear.~

Are you  potential new client?  Welcome!  Please book a 'New Client Connect' session prior to booking any sessions. I  look forward to working with you!

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