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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a way of walking upon the planet, and a way of seeing things that our society has taught us to veil.  It is living a life divinely connected to Spirit, to our Earth, and in deep gratitude for the blessings our planet and community bring to us through our joint experiences. It is highlighted by the enactment of sacred ceremony, an art all but lost in only a few remaining cultures. 

Shamanism is entering into an altered state of consciousness in order to transcend the ego and the thinking mind to connect with inner wisdom and higher guidance from the spirit world.

The practice of shamanism is the oldest practice of humankind, dating back over 100,000 years, and is practiced all over the world in all cultures.

It’s a spiritual practice that Sandra Ingerman likens to being “gardeners of the energies”. Shamans “see” where the energies are disharmonious, whether that be in an individual, a community, a home, property, office, or business.

What is a Shaman? Shamans have been considered healers, knowers, seers of the dark and wisdom sharers.

A Shaman is a Master or Mistress of entering the altered states and journeying into higher spiritual realms to help bring through higher wisdom, grace and guidance.

Spiritual guidance from higher realms, it is believed, comes into many forms including that of animals, plants, trees, ancestors, star beings, elementals and teachers to be able to help us heal and bring guidance into our lives.

Non-physical Spiritual guides or guardian angels are not in the thick of our world and can take an Eagle’s eye view of the picture of the whole. They can see many perspectives on the human condition and see how we, as a community, can come together as a whole, or as an individual. They are guided by higher wisdom and understanding and offer a more holistic perspective and guidance to share with their community and the individuals within it.

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